Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hair Care - Part II

Hair brush solutions

Half the problem of getting the right style and preventing damage is the type of hairbrush you use. Most damage happens when the hair is wet, and if you detangle with a steel comb, you are probably making most of the damage yourself. Do you have curly hair and no matter how your straighten it, you always have a wave? Here are some Hair-Brush Solutions.

  • When combing wet hair use a big tooth come and detangle your hair from end to root. Try not to touch the root at all.
  • For short hair use a Paddington brush with soft protective bristles as you shape and blow dry your hair to your sought after look.
  • If you need to tease your hair for a little height, use a pick.
  • For medium length straight hair, use a Paddle Brush with soft protective bristles to help you comb out and blow dry your hair.
  • For medium length wavy bobs use extra large round brush to blow out the kinks and curls.
  • For longhair past your shoulders use a thick, loose toothed brushed or a big round ceramic brush to help you blow dry you long hair straight. Flip the ends out if you want to be a little sassy with the same brush, creating two looks.

Look good, feel better!

Frustrating Bangs - How To Care For Your Bangs?

You know the bangs that when you walk out of your hairstylists they are perfect, but when you get your chance to do them - you can't. They are side-angled, straight-layered, and maybe even long; but can you ever get them the same. Do you have a cowlick in the middle that never straightens out? Here is what you can do for your bangs.
  • Blow-dry your bangs towards the front of your face. If you are using a round brush the hair with the blow-dryer on it from root to end. If you then blow-dry your sides towards the same direction when you lift your head and part towards the side or near center, your bump in the front is gone. Use a straightener for even straighter lasting results.
  • After blow-drying your hair put a Velcro roller in the front with another one behind it. Spray with a light hairspray and leave in while you apply your make up. Take out brush to your desired style and get the bangs you like.
  • If these two have your patience wearing thin, purchase a straightener and get your finished look. Just remember straighteners' cause a lot of damage so use conditioner every time you wash it while using a straighter for a finished bang.

Apply a lite wax or shine, to keep your hair in place all day long. Lightly finish with a lite hair spray.

Curls Galore: Curling Iron Versus Hot Rollers

Before digging out the spongy pink curlers or running to your stylist for a hasty perm, check out these effective alternatives for an evening of uncustomary curls!

Curling Iron

Inexpensive, relatively user-friendly and quick for minor touch-ups, this device can give you a glam look with a few minutes' investment. If you're donning only a partial head of curly locks, a curling iron could be just the tool you need for an immediate response to your need of a few well-placed curls.

Glamorize your up-do with a curling iron by emphasizing your style with a few loose spiral curls around your face or one or two seductively sweeping along the back of your neck. Creating these curls can be a quick and easy process, but don't forget to spritz them with a little hairspray, or else they may not last the entire evening!

Another common use for a curling iron is tending to your hair's ends. Tuck them under or flip them out a bit wildly, but you won't get the same results with a set of hot rollers! A curling iron is versatile enough to curl precisely the strands that you want curled, in whichever manner you wish to achieve. Even if you wish to curl more than a few small sections of hair, a curling iron is capable of curling your entire head as well.

Time Involved: Curling Iron use may take anywhere from 5 minutes or less to 45 minutes or more, depending on style's involvement.

Hot Rollers

Just a touch more expensive than the curling iron, hot rollers can achieve a full head of flawless curls, typically in under an hour. Hot rollers generally have a small amount of wax inside that is heated when the set is plugged into an electrical outlet. When the curlers are ready for use, the color may change color so that you know to begin applying them.

Forget about fighting with the curling iron and trying to decide which way you want the curl to spiral. Instead, enjoy the remarkably easy process with hot rollers-once you have fastened the curlers in your hair, your hair will all curl simultaneously!

It is still a good idea to use some styling products such as a non-sticky hairspray or gel to retain the shape of the curls. (Curls formed by hot rollers tend to last considerably longer for me than those I create with a curling iron, as my hair is typically resistant to curling in general.)

Tip for Hot Rollers: Try to wash your hair the night before you want to employ the hot rollers. Sometimes very clean, sleek hair tends to resist curling.

Time Involved: Hot Rollers may take about 10 minutes to warm up and anywhere from 10-20 minutes to apply, and about 15 minutes to set. (Color of curler will revert back to original color to indicate that the curl has set.) Add additional time as necessary for styling your locks if you intend to use barrettes, bobby pins or other adornments and styling products.

Curling Iron Versus Hot Rollers

  • Both beauty appliances require time to heat up, but hot rollers may require a few extra minutes.
  • Hot rollers are very easy to use when styling the whole head or a section, but don't count on them to curl your ends out or under. Leave that to the curling iron!
  • Color of hot rollers indicates when they are ready to use and when your curls have set.
  • Curling iron gives great flexibility for choosing between loose spirals and tight ringlets, but you can always brush out your curls formed by hot rollers to achieve the style you desire.
  • Curling irons are much easier to transport when traveling and staying in a hotel or other location away from home.
  • Hot rollers save more time if going for a full head of curls. Success rate for curls enduring the entire evening may also be better.
  • Both devices are useful in and of themselves-the best advice for you is to try them both and see which you like the best!

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