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Ayurveda Cosmetology - (Skin Care) Part II

Facts to remember

Ayurveda, the word being the combination of Ayur and Veda means as a whole, the knowledge of life or the science of life that not only cures illnesses but prevents the occurrence of the diseases in those who are healthy.

To keep oneself fit and healthy at all ages ayurveda has proposed numerous suggestions that if followed with dedication maintains health and skin. Some of the ayurvedic rules are as follows:

  • According to ayurveda the natural urges should not be suppressed.
  • The bathing water must be clean and processed with medicinal and aromatic drugs.
  • Massage the body regularly with oil processed with varnya dravyas.
  • Hair massage daily is a must to do to keep hair healthy and shiny. Natural products like bhringaraj oil, coconut oil, castor oil or any other processed with henna, amla, aloe vera, brahmi, neem and jatamansi should be used instead of chemical cosmetics. Massage also relieves insomnia and induces good sleep.
  • The remedy of nasya (were medicines and oils are instilled through the nose) must be administered to cure diseases that effect head, nose and throat and increase the complexion of skin also.
  • Regular exercise, walking and jogging is good to keep the physical and mental state of body in good shape.
  • Proper care should be taken of the eyes by applying anjana (eye slaves) that helps prevent diseases, increase vision and relaxes eyes.
  • After daily bath one must wear clean clothes and preferably light color clothes that give relaxing feel and absorb less heat.
Rasayana and Cosmetology

Among the eight branches of ayurveda rasayan is one that prevents aging of the skin and the entire body and deals with optimum life span. To maintain the balance between the doshas and the dhatus rasayan strives and contributes to the process. According to ayurveda rasayan and skin have an innate relation because of which the vitiation of rasa dhatu the skin gets erupted. To cure this and prevent these skin eruptions ayurveda has suggested following rasayanas that revitalize the rasa dhatu:

  • Guduchi
  • Amalaki
  • Kharper
  • Triphala
  • Chyavanprasha
  • Amalaki rasayana

It is believed that skin acts as the mirror of all that is felt by living beings and the face hence reflects all the mental stress, fatigue, fear, tension, happiness, sadness etc. Thus rise the question of a healthy and glowing skin.

Ayurveda believes that stress or fear or any other negative thought or emotion can hamper the skin's natural glow and shine. Besides emotions there are certain disorders also that have adverse impact on body and face skin. Few such ailments are:

There are other diseases relating to hyper pigmentation also that spoil the skin. It is notable that mental stress can aggravate hyper pigmentation and thus achar rasayan (virtuous conduct and relaxed lifestyle) should be adopted to have truthful, calm and easy lifestyle and temper.

Ideal Diet for Skin

For the pathogenesis of diseases, including those of skin improper diet is one of the major factors. With the view to provide humans a glowing and healthy skin, ayurveda has mentioned certain diets that are nutritious and help eliminating the skin ailments. Although in today's busy world where refrigerated food and preserved food is preferred for convenience, it must always be kept in mind that in all circumstances if possible fresh food is always better than the preserved both in terms of nutritional value and health maintenance.

In ayurveda few recommended diets are as follows:

  • Food eaten should be warm, freshly cooked and must be in proper quantity.
  • All persons must eat after the previous meal consumed is digested and again the urge to eat (hunger) arises.
  • Virudh anna (food that is incompatible with each other) should not be taken. Such as fruit salads prepared in milk or milk preparations must be avoided with fish.
  • The food must be chewed properly before gulping inside to the esophagus and must not be eaten too fast or to slow.
  • The environment around while consuming food must be clean, pleasant and hygienic.
  • Spicy, very hot, oily, fried and pungent food must be avoided and thus junk food, fast food from outside must be avoided.
  • The fat intake must be reduced and fiber fruits and vegetables must be consumed along with all substances that are roughage for the body as it is good for health and helps prevent constipation.
  • Large amount of water, liquids, juices etc must be taken to reduce dryness of the intestine and drain wastes out of the blood through urine. Fluid intake also helps prevent skin disorders and makes it glowing.
  • Fruit juice such as grapes, lemon, etc. is also recommended.

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