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Back Care

Rub lobelia extract on sore muscles. Lobelia is a strong muscle relaxant.

Prepare a strong comfrey tea and drink to reduce a swollen back.

Take the herbs lobelia or valerian root with cayenne to relax the muscles, to help you rest, to relieve the pain, and to heal the injured area.

Bad Breath

To cover odor, eat parsley, drink peppermint tea, chew cloves, take chlorophyll, or gargle with barberry tea.

Take acidophilus or chew uemboshi plums to improve intestinal flora.

To insure proper digestion, chew food well, and drink water in between meals.


Shampoo with a tea made from yarrow herb to open the pores and encourage hair growth.

Take the herb sage to encourage hair growth.

Eat wakame and hijiki seaweed to prevent balding.

Wakame: Also known as Fucoxanthin. More details here

hijiki : is an uncommon type of edible seaweed commonly found on rocky coastlines. Its two names, which are examples of ateji, mean deer-tail grass and sheep-nest grass respectively. Read more at

Bed Sores

Apply pure honey, liquid lecithin, or zinc ointment to a clean sore. Dress it with a gauze bandage.


Take the herbs corn silk and ursi to prevent bed wetting.

Eat parsley or chew on cinnamon bark.

Avoid sugary foods, chocolate, meat, fruit, or artificial additives.

Birth Defects

To improve the health of the reproductive system during pregnancy, drink red raspberry tea.

Alfalfa, dandelion, and kelp prevent birth defects by providing a rich source of iron and iodine.

Avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol, sugar, drugs, and caffiene while pregnant.

Bites / Stings

Apply one of the following to bites or stings to reduce pain and swelling: aloe vera gel, garlic oil, baking soda and water, vinegar, honey, plaintain tea, or safflower oil.

Use lemon juice and corn starch or lobelia extract and myrrh to relieve persistant pain and itch.

Pennyroyal tea mixed with a drop of eucalyptus oil can be applied to the skin as an insect repellant.

Dried tomato leaves can keep bugs out of your house when hung by windows.

Taking garlic supplements, or eating garlic will lessen your chances of bug bites

Bladder / Kidney Problems

Take psyllium husk and water daily to cleanse the colon. A colon full of toxins puts pressure on the bladder and leads to infection.

Avoid packaged douches, tight nylons or underwear, or satin underwear.

To cleanse the bladder and kidneys of excess mucus and irritants, take the herbs St.-John's-wort or alfalfa in capsule form. Drink dandelion and peach bark tea.

Take garlic and goldenseal in addition to vitamin C to fight infection.

Take dolomite and water to fight bladder infections.

Eat whole fresh cranberries to cleanse the kidneys.

The herbs blessed thistle and white oak bark work well together in capsules or as teas toward healing infection.

Drink dolomite with water to heal bladder infections.

Grind fresh cranberries in the blender and add to plain yogurt (or soy yogurt) and eat daily.

The herbs buchu and ura ursi rid the bladder of excess mucus, infection, gravel, stones, and retained water.

Bleeding / Hemorrhage

Apply cayenne extract or powder to a small wound to stop the bleeding.

Make a strong tea of one of the following: slippery elm, plantain, white oak bark, comfrey, nettle, or chaparral. Apply the tea directly to the wound to stop bleeding.

Capsules of cayenne, bistort, goldenseal, white oak bark, yarrow, or comfrey can stop internal bleeding.

The herb don quai, in capsule form, can break up blood clots.


Apply vitamin E oil or zinc ointment or aloe vera gel twice daily.

Apply garlic oil to infected blisters.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure results in part from a sodium-potassium imbalance caused by too much salt consumption. Bananas and whole wheat bread are rich in potassium to balance sodium levels.
Stay away from salt, sugar, dairy products, processed food, and meats.

Take valerian root to relax.

Take dolomite in water.

Cayenne, garlic, and the herb passion flower regulate both high and low blood pressure.

Ginseng, hyssop, and hawthorn, taken together, regulate high and low blood pressure.

The herb barberry dilates the blood vessels and helps to bring high blood pressure down.

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