Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Healthy Tips...

Abcess / Boils

Apply cayenne extract, wintergreen oil, or a strong comfrey root tea to the boil or abcess. This will help bring the stigma to a head as well as aid the drying and mending process.

Use these herbs or extract form: Mix one part lobelia with three parts mullein in a little warm water. Soak a clean cloth into the mixture and apply it to the sore to bring it to a head. Then puncture the wound lightly with a sterile needle. Wash gently. Apply garlic oil to prevent infection. When the redness has subsided apply vitamin E oil twice daily to aid healing.

Drink comfrey root tea to speed healing action. Lecithin, zinc, and B-complex supplements taken daily will help prevent and remedy such sores.

Abrasions (cuts, wounds)

Apply aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, or cod liver oil to the washed wound. To reduce infection and inflammation put garlic oil on a band aid and cover the wound.

Sprinkle cayenne pepper on a small clean cut to stop the bleeding and knit the wound.


Apply lobelia or cayenne extract to the painful area to relax muscles and hasten healing.

Apply moist heat directly to an ache and rest. Take the herbs lobelia or valerian root in capsules to relax the muscles and to ease the pain.


Gently scrub acne with a mixture of chickweed herb and water to reduce inflammation.

Apply garlic oil and cayenne extract, or a redmond clay poultice to draw out toxins and to heal the acne.

Avoid eating chocolate, fried food, and refined sugar.

The herbs cayenne, garlic, ginseng, burdock, and sarsparilla taken orally can help rid the skin of blemishes.

Avoid overwashing the skin, this dries out the skin and irritates it.

Afterbirth / Pain

Make a strong tea of the herbs red raspberry, St.-John's-wort, valerian root, or wild yam. Drink this this after labor to reduce pain.

Nutmeg tea will help to contract the uterus and to lessen bleeding.

Take the herbs cayenne, yarrow, mistletoe, or corn silk in capsules to reduce bleeding.

Both chlorophyll and the herb shepherd's-purse are rich in vitamin K. This makes them helpful in the clotting of blood.

Age Spots

Apply vitamin E oil or cod liver oil directly to age spots everyday to reduce colloration.

Selenium and the herbs dandelion, ginseng, gotu kola, licorice, and sarsaparilla may prove helpful taken in capsules or drunk as teas.


Make a tea of the herb goldenseal or eyebright. Strain, put the cooled tea in a dropper bottle. Use this as an eyewash to reduce the burning, watering, and the inflammation caused by many allergies.

To build up resistance to allergies, diet is important. Avoid dairy products, sugar, and refined foods.

Parsley and bee pollen decrease allergic reactions.

Take the herbs juniper and comfrey in capsules for prevention.

Take cayenne pepper and garlic together to dry up the sinuses.


A thiamine deficiency is often the cause of a loss of appetite. Drink peppermint tea to help increase the appetite.

Take the herb fennel in capsules to normalize the appetite.

Any combination of the following will increase the appetite: barberry, garlic, ginseng, goldenseal, hops, horse radish, oatstraw, parsley, and safflower.

The herb chickweed will decrease one's appetite.


A beneficial healing herbal combination is garlic, cayenne, and hawthorn. Garlic cleanses cholesterol from the bloodstream making deposits less sticky. Hawthorn regulates the blood pressure and strengthens the nerves to the heart making the heart stronger. Cayenne pepper helps to to cleanse the circulatory system, strengthen the pulse rate and regulate the heart and blood pressure. Cayenne will also increase the effectiveness of other herbs. Garlic, onions, and eggplant have the wonderful ability to balance the cholesterol level.


To relieve pain and help in the healin process, apply one of these to the sore area: lobelia extract, cayenne extract, or halibut oil. Exercise moderately to ease stiffness.

Much of the pain of arthritis is caused by a lack of minerals in one's diet. Take bonemeal and dolomite supplements daily to get these minerals.The herb oatstraw will help the body use the minerals.

Alfalfa is very rich in minerals and vitamins. Drink alfalfa tea and take supplements.

Parsley is high in nutrients, and would be a wise addition to one's diet.

The herbs yucca and burdock will help reduce inflammation and swelling.

To ensure that you are getting plenty of the needed nutrients, add these foods to your diet: pecans, bananas, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, avocados, cherries, and green salads.


Bee pollen is quite nutritionally rich, taking it daily will gradually chase away those allergens.
Take cayenne and garlic to heal, comfort, and help build a strong constitution.

Ginseng should be taken to help the body improve its capacity to resist and endure. It will also assist the endocrine glands in the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

Athlete's Foot

Rub the affected area with white vinegar.

Apply brewer's yeast and honey twice daily.

Dust feet with cornstarch before putting on shoes or socks.

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