Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grooming . 22 Tips for slim Look

HOW TO Appear Thinner? - 22 Tips

We all want to appear the best we can no matter what our size. Maybe you have a few extra pounds and want to camouflage them.You do not always have to lose weight in order to appear thinner. Here are some tips that will make you look and feel as if you have experienced weight loss.


Step 1 - If you are heavy on the bottom, wear a solid color on your bottom half. Stay away from patterns and bright colors. Wear patterns on top to detract attention from your lower half. You will appear more balanced and look thinner without having to lose weight.

Step 2 - If you are heavy on top, reverse this. Wear bottoms that have more detail, and tops that are simple and plain. Again, this minimizes your top half, and makes you appear thinner all over.

Step 3 - To give yourself the appearance of a waist, wear longer, fitted shirts that come just below the lower belly. Wear a wide belt or scarf around your waist area. You will give the appearance of a slimmer waistline.

Step 4 - Do not wear clothes too loose. This does not camouflage, but only gives the appearance of sloppiness. Wear clothes that are form fitting to appear thinner.

Step 5 - Do not wear clothes that are too tight either. We do not to overly accentuate bumps or bulges. This will only make you appear heavier than you actually are. You will look like you have lost weight if you wear clothes that fit your body.

Step 6 - Wear heels. They make you taller and that makes you appear thinner without having to actually lose weight or diet.

Step 7 - Spanx are great for slimming you down. They are comfortable and can make you appear 3-4 sizes smaller without diet or exercise.

Step 8 - With pants wear a slightly flared leg so that you do not look thigh heavy. This will give your leg a balanced look all the way down which makes you look taller and thinner.

Step 9 - Always choose dark jeans. A cut that goes slightly above the belly button, with a light flare in the leg will be most flattering. Darker jeans are instantly slimming.

Step 10 - Pockets of pants should be high up on the rear to accentuate the buttocks. In order to appear thinner, avoid pockets that are low on the rear.

Step 11 - To hide a variety of sins wear a skirt with a slight flare. Stay away from clingy fabrics which will accentuate areas of heaviness. This will make you appear like you weigh less.

Step 12 - Wear a tank with another shirt on top for a layered effect. Tops that have a cut that tapers toward the waist give an hourglass effect which helps give you a shape.

Step 13 - Wearing pants with vertical stripes are great. This can make you look like you have lost weight without ever having done any exercise or diet.

Step 14 - Fitted suits that have vertical striping and a tapered waist are great. Make sure it fits. Wear a fitted top underneath. This is a very slimming look.

Step 15 - Do not expose too much cleavage. Tops should fit, but not be overly tight. Tight clothing can expose bulges that may make you appear heavier. In order to appear like you have lost weight, be sure your clothes are fitted correctly.

Step 16 - Do wear v-necks and oval shaped tops. These cut into the body to give a slimming effect.

Step 17 - If you wear a baggier top, wear a fitted bottom. This will give you balance and contribute to a slimmer appearance.

Step 18 - Wear half sleeves that are fitted to cover trouble spots such as heavy arms. This can make you look like you have lost 10 pounds.

Step 19 - Shorts should be fitted and slightly flared. They should extend to the knee to create a look of length.

Step 20 - A pencil skirt will work if there is a slight flare on the bottom, and the top is longer, belted and somewhat fitted, or flowy and soft.

Step 21 - Try on many different styles. Be real with yourself. Look in the mirror in the department store and really be critical. Ask yourself if you would like this on someone else of the same size. Follow the guidelines listed above to choose clothes to make you appear thinner.

Step 22 - Do not be afraid to go out of your style zone. Being up to date and stylish will detract from any perceived flaws you may have. Looking thinner without diet or weight loss is possible by using the guidelines listed above. You do not have to lose weight to appear thinner. Dressing the part can make you appear like you have lost 10 pounds overnight.

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